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Candidate’s Rights

Information about the Process
As a potential candidate to the process, the candidate has the right to obtain the biggest amount of information as possible, such as the process time framework, the number of interviews he/she will be submitted, the report level, the position in question and the company that is hiring. However this last information is not always provided by the Consulting company, sometimes the process is confidential because we need to preserve the identity of our client.

Whenever ARSENNAL PRIME conducts an Executive Search process, we have the commitment of keeping the names of the potential candidates secret, without any unnecessary exposure to the market.

ARSENNAL PRIME honors the commitment of maintaining all candidates informed about all the steps of the process that they are participating and which the following steps are.

Interview Schedule
ARSENNAL PRIME in collaboration with the client must create a compatible schedule so that the interviews occur, successfully, due to the seniority, of its executives and the existing commitment with the current employer.

Final Decision
The remuneration package negotiation step is not usually delegated to the consulting company. However, ARSENNAL PRIME’s position is privileged due to the knowledge of the client’s proposal and candidate’s retirar’s and, therefore, ARSENNAL tries to mediate both parts in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Assisting the parts during the first 90 (ninety) days
During the first 90 (ninety) days, ARSENNAL PRIME will assist the results of the process through formal surveys with the candidate and the client, trying to identify if there are any gaps that deserve to be corrected.

Feedback to the candidates
ARSENNAL PRIME assures to the participants of the process that as soon as the client makes his final choice, they will be informed separately and formally about the reasons that made the client choose the selected candidate.

ARSENNAL PRIME also assures that in future processes, in which the profile corresponds to the job requirements, ARSENNAL PRIME shall invite the assessed but not contracted candidates to participate in a new process, maintaining a long term relationship.

The trustworthy success of a Project like this only happens when there is dedication, professionalism, and open and honest communication among Client, Candidate an ARSENNAL PRIME.

We understand success as a way to assure that the Client will choose the Best Talent and the candidate will choose the Best Opportunity.
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