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Candidate’s Duties

It must reflect your Professional inventory. The candidate must guarantee that all the information reflects the reality of his/her professional path.

From the moment that you become a candidate to a hiring process, the professional must commit to comply with the interviews schedule, without endangering the commitments with his/her current employer.

Process Duration
Due to the fact that the hiring process demands time, mainly the ones with international interviews, we suggest that the candidates administer their expectations regarding the conclusion period.

Transparency in the Final Decision
In order not to damage the Process Final Decision, the candidate has to be sure about the financial information provided in the beginning of the process, besides assuring that there are no simultaneous processes in progress.

Current Employer Disconnection
The candidate is advised to communicate his/her current employer, in a less traumatic way as possible. It is advisable to help nominating and/or identifying his/her Best successor promoting a transition period with no damage to both parts.
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